Stars Classic

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toselli's Serenade (Toselli Serenata) - Enrico Toselli/Vasa Prihoda/Ferenc Jancsin/Mario Lanza/Perry Como/Placido Domingo and Itzhak Perlman/Andre Lieu

Toselli's Serenade
( Dreams and Memories )
Dreams and memories, 
Are all that you've left me, 
Only lonely thoughts, 
About the one I worship and adore

Dreams and memories, 
Are what I must live with, 
Sad remembering, 
Of golden moments that exist no more

Lovin' arms to hold me tight, 
And your lips to kiss goodnight, 
A love that seemed " Oh so right" 
And yet, somehow, went wrong

Dreams and memories, 
The moonlight on your hair, 
Songs that we sang, 
That feeling we shared whenever a church bell rang

Oh, the memories and dreams of you

I can't live without you . . . 
I'll keep on praying you come back to me, 
To me . . . to me