Stars Classic

Monday, May 2, 2011

Young World - Ricky Nelson

Young World
It's a young world
When you're in love and you're in a young world
So take my hand and let me show you
Just how true young love can be

And whoa-uh-oh

It's a young world
And if you'll tell me you're my one girl
You'll make my whole life worth livin'
Just by givin' your love to me

(Instrumental Break)

All of the world is a treasure
When you have someone to care
Promise me your love forever
We'll have the whole world to share

And it's a young world
When you're in love and you' re in a young world
If you believe what I've told you
Let me hold you, say you love me


It's a young world, ooh-ahh-ooh-ooh (young world, young world)