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Friday, March 9, 2012

Watch Out My Children - Ras Shorty

Another one more
Watch Out My Children
My sons and my daughters, to you I plead
Doh get no horrors, but please take heed
I know you doh want no sermon but my admonition 
Is to guard you against all de evils of life
That create strife and destroy life

Walk cautiously, children, be alert
Because you have an enemy, that's roaming the earth
I know you're young and restless but
You don't have to be careless
You see sober thinkin' leads on to righteousness
To happiness, spiritual bliss
That's why I tell you this

Watch out, my children (2x)
It have a feller called Lucifer 
With a bag of white powder
And he doh want to powder yoh face
But to bring shame and disgrace to de human race


I give you my counsel because I want to see
All you, young people, live righteously
What you feed your mind with,
Forms your characteristic and shades the path
That you must walk tomorrow
Darkness or glow, joy or sorrow
That's why I'm concerned so


You're young and your future is ahead of you
Right or wrong, sweet or sour 
Depends on what you do
Taking de wrong direction will drain your constitution
And promote mental chaos and confusion
Then corruption will be in ah man
And that's not what's planned so

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