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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If You Gotta Go, Go Now - Bob Dylan/The Manfred Mann/Johnny Hallyday/The Fairport Covention/Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band

If you Gotta Go, Go Now
Listen to me, baby
I'm trying to make you see
That I want to be with you, girl
If you want to be with me

But if you got to go
It's alright
But if you got to go, go now
Or else you got to stay all night

I am just a poor boy, baby
Trying to connect
But I don't want you thinking
Or that I ain't got any respect


Now I'm not trying to question you
To take part in any quiz
It's just that I don't have a watch
And you keep asking me what time it is


Now I don't want to make you give
Anything you never gave before
It's just that I'll be sleeping soon
It'll be too dark for you to find the door


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