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Saturday, August 18, 2012

From Four Till Late - Robert Johnson/The Cream/Jim Byrnes

From Four Till Late
From four until late, I was wringing my hands and cryin' (2x)
I believe to my soul that your daddy's Gulfport bound

From Memphis to Norfolk is a thirty-six hours' ride (2x)
A man is like a prisoner, and he's never satisfied

A woman is like a dresser, some man always ramblin' through its drawers (2x)
It cause so many men, wear an apron over-all

From four until late, she get with a no good bunch and clown (2x)
Now she won't do nothin', but tear a good man's reputation down

When I leave this town, I'm gon' bid you fare, farewell (2x)
And when I return again, you'll have a great long story to tell

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