Stars Classic

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Angel on My Shoulder - Shelby Flint/Pat Boone/Jerry Wallace/Kathy Young/Maureen McGovern

Angel on My Shoulder
Got an angel on my shoulder 
Got a penny in my pocket 
And I found a four leaf clover 
And I put it in my locket 

Wished on all the stars above me 
And I caught the nearest rainbow 
Gonna find someone to love me 
Gonna find someone to love 

Well I tossed a lot of nickels in the wishing well 
And saved the fortunes that the fortune cookies tell 
I got a lucky penny and a mustard seed 
But a warm and tender love is all I need 

And I want a love that lingers 
And a strong one through and through 
So I´m gonna cross my fingers 
That I´ll find a boy who loves me true 
And I´m gonna love him too