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Saturday, April 16, 2011

If I Had My Way - The Sherbet

If I Had My Way
Ooh ... yeah ....yeah
Ooh yesterday
When I had you beside me all the way
Your hands reached out to guied me
And still I don't know why I said goodbye
When you beg for me to stay
I wish I could see the road back to your door
Just to be alone with you once more
But you let me do what I wanted to
I know you cried "Oh please don't leave"
I went my way

Oh. if I had my way
I'll still be yours, you'll still be mine
Just like we were before together just once more
Darin. I would stay if I had my way again
If I had my way again, darin' I'd stay
If I had my way
I would give all my tomorrows any day
With no head of pain or sorrow
Cause I need the love, gotta find the love
That I once had before

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