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Friday, January 13, 2012

The One in the Middle - The Manfred Mann

The One in the Middle
Let me tell you'bout the Manfreds
The music that they're puttin' down
They started to play
On a rainy day
And the people came from miles around

They didn't come for the rhythm
They didn't come for the beat
The people of the town
Came just to stand around
And see the singer lookin' sweet

Mike Hugg plays the drum, yeah
Tom McGuiness plays the diamond bass
But the one in the middle
Sings "Hey, diddle, diddle"
God, he's just a pretty face


They couldn't have

(Instrumental break)

Manfred Mann plays the organ
Mike Vickers plays guitar
And there's a geezer called Paul
Who's so thin and so tall
And sure wants to be a star

See the singer lookin' (6x)

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