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Sunday, January 29, 2012

upset with one stop pooled service of google like me?

Just a few days ago Google launched a service tracing and collecting all things we surf and do on the internet, using their products like google search, blogger, gmail, youtube, chrome etc., this caused me more struggling and time consuming on creating new post, web surfing, social network connect [they even try to reinforce me to use google+, its social network :(].

Worst of all is driving me cornered on changes of my web browser to their Chrome, if not so , post create is very annoying.

And you know, their Chrome &!?!!! , always makes crash over flash player run on any live media like youtube, tv . I can say every single minute sensitivity!

For me, firefox and opera browsers both, or internet explorer,  are far more faster and better than chrome

All these happen to you?

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