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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hate to See You Go - Little Walter/The Paul Butterfield Blues Band//T-Bone Walker/

Hate to See You Go
Gone and left me
Left me here to cry
Now I love her
Know she's my desire (5x)

Came home this mo'nin'
'Bout half past four
Found that note
Lyin' on my floor
"Goin' away and leave you
You just don't know."

Heard some bad talk
Somethin' that you said (3x)

Come on back, baby
Honey, please don't go
Well, I love you
You'll never know (4x)

My kind-a, baby
You know it's so
I could tell you
You know it ain't no joke
Know it ain't no joke

Come on back, baby
Don't do me wrong
You know I love you
Please, come back home
Come on back home (repeat and fade)

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