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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Wind - Nolan Strong & The Diablos/The Jesters/Laura Nyro/Mark Sultan

The Wind
Wind, wind blow, oooooh, oooh, blow, wind, wind 

When the cool summer breeze
Sends a chill down my spine
And I long for my love's sweet caress
I know she has gone but my love lingers on
In a dream that the wind brings to me 

I remember as we kissed in the cool summer breeze
As she lay warm and tender in my arms

Darlin', when a star falls I wish for you,
And, darlin', when I see lover's making love I long for you
And when the sun and the stars are shinnin' 
Above the mountains and the valleys,
Then, darlin', I look for you,
And even until the heavens above can no longer shine,
Even until then I shall still love you.

I know she has gone but, my love, it lingers on 
In a dream that the wind brings to me

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