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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He's Waiting - The Sonics

He's Waiting
Somebody knows what you have done
About you carrying on and having fun
You knew it was so wrong
'Bout you had to play
Now you're gonna learn
That lying don't pay

It's too late (it's too late)
You lied (you lied)
Now you (now you)
Will fry (will fry)
It's better (it's better)
Than hate him (than hate him)
He's waiting (he's waiting)
He's waiting (he's waiting)
For you, wow

You stayed up late
Tries to play your game
For all you got
Was a real bad date
You think you are happy
I got news for you
Well, satan found out
Little girl, you're through


I don't know why you were untrue
I quess your kind of girl
Had to make me blue
Satan knows what you did
You're playing around
And the way is easy
You put me down


He's waiting (he's waiting)
He's waiting (he's waiting)
He's gonna get you, yeah
He's waiting

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